Valérie Spapen

Translator (sworn) from Clermont, Belgique

Marie-Anne Lutchmaya-Baurin

Interpreter from Bruxelles, Belgique

Chris Falque

Translator (sworn) & Interpreter from Bruxelles, Belgique

Bart Mylemans

Translator (sworn) from Brasschaat (Sint-Mariaburg), België

Emmanuelle Guyaux

Translator (sworn) from Gosselies, Belgique

Antonella Basili

Translator & Interpreter from Bruxelles, Belgique

Pierre de Hesselle

Translator (sworn) & Interpreter from Breda, Nederland

Géraldine Arnould

Translator from Sart - Custinne, Belgique

Sofie Janssens

Translator from Kalmthout, BE

Candice Gilbert

Translator (sworn) from Bruxelles, Belgique

Belén Díaz Laborda

Translator & Interpreter from Oviedo, ES

Caroline Coppens

Translator from Belsele, Belgique

Kieran Robin

Interpreter from Brussels, Belgique

Nicky Wijns

Translator from Antwerpen, België
- Antwerp-based translator and language trainer - Specialized in creative, editorial and marketing texts - Favorite topics: cosmetics, lifestyle, retail and education - Punctual, fast and reliable

Nicolas Stuyckens

Translator (sworn) from Wanfercée Baulet, Belgique

Maria Isabel Bustillo Vazquez

Translator (sworn) from Bruxelles, Belgique