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New members: January 2016

New members: January 2016

We would like to welcome our newest members:

Pierre Duquesne

Trans.: EN, ES -> FR

Zeina Hafez

Trans.: FR, EN, NL -> AR
Sworn trans.: FR, AR -> FR, AR
Interp. (C,L):

  • A languages: AR, FR;
  • B language: EN;
  • C language: NL

Anne Marsaleix

Trans.: EN, IT -> FR

Julia Poncin

Trans.: EN, NL -> FR

Cornelia Van Bouwel

Trans.: RO -> NL
Sworn trans.: RO, NL-> RO, NL
Interp. (C,S,L,Soc,Jur):

  • A language: RO;
  • B language: NL;

Romain Wuillot

Trans.: EN, DE -> FR
Sworn trans.: FR, EN, DE -> FR, EN, DE