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New members: April 2013

New members: April 2013

We would like to welcome our newest members:

Herman Boel
Trans.: EN, ES, FR -> NL

Cécile Bovy
Trans.: DE, EN -> FR

Franziska Brune
Trans.: EN, ES, FR -> DE
Interp. (C,L,S):

  • A language: DE;
  • B language: FR;
  • C languages: EN, ES

Sébastien Cano
Trans.: EN, ES, NL -> FR
Interp. (C,L,S):

  • A language: FR;
  • C languages: EN, ES, NL

Marianne Cuvelliez
Trans.: DE, N, NL -> FR

Lode Demetter
Trans.: DE, EN, FR -> NL
Sworn trans.: DE, EN -> NL

  • A language: NL;
  • B languages: DE, EN;
  • C language: FR

Catherine Dubar
Trans.: NL -> EN
Sworn trans.: FR, NL -> EN

Ewa Piatkowska
Trans.: EN, ES, FR, RU -> PL

Sandrine Samyn
Trans.: DE, NL -> FR
Sworn trans.: DE, NL -> FR

Etienne Schelstraete
Trans.: EN, IT, NL, PT -> FR

Anna Maria Tribó Timoneda
Trans.: ES, FR -> CA