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CBTI-BKVT website switches to version 1.1

The CBTI-BKVT’s new website has just had its first update. Although trifling compared with the comprehensive makeover the site saw in April, the aim of the recent changes is to make the website more useful, more user-friendly, and an all-round more pleasurable experience for the visitors and members of the association, as well as for the volunteers who keep this platform up and running.

The main improvements include:

  • In the directory, site users can now run searches according to interpreter type, i.e. conference interpreters, sworn interpreters, community interpreters or sign language interpreters. Further categories may be added in due course, if need be. In addition, each activity now comes with a description, enabling clients to find their way around in seeking out the relevant type of contractor for their assignment.
  • From now on, search results for translators or interpreters are displayed in an “infinite scroll“, i.e. no longer in several separate pages. In practical terms, the site starts by loading in the first 36 translator profiles so as not to slow down the initial page display. As soon as you get to the bottom of the list, the next 36 fiches are loaded in, and so on until all search results are displayed.
  • The site login page has been revised and enhanced. The way the page works is now a lot clearer, especially for members who have never previously logged into the site.
  • Also, more prominence has been given to the pages and the news reserved for members. They are no longer hidden away as was previously the case, and are now displayed as regular pages. In addition, these pages are marked with a red asterisk, highlighting their special status. Click the page title and you will be taken to the new login page if you have not logged in yet. If you have, you are simply routed to the page concerned.
  • The volunteers who run the site now have a number of minor back end features available to them that will simplify their everyday duties.
  • In addition, the developers have addressed a series of minor bugs and heightened site safety.


Please do not forget that, as a member, you can view your profile and change certain details yourself by logging into the site and then clicking your name in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

We welcome all comments

We trust this new version of the site meets with your full approval.

If you should encounter any problems using the site, please do not hesitate to contact the secretariat, which will pass on the information to the persons concerned. As always, the technical team is happy to deal with all comments and bugs reported.