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Online course on SEO Translation

  • Catégorie: Training
  • Date de publication: 10 December 2020

SEO-related linguistic services are in high-demand. And even though there is a wide offer of available information on the Web, and clients are sometimes able to provide some guidelines, there seemed to be a lack of useful resources on this subject matter that could be specifically applied to translation. This is why this course was created.


By the end of the course, you’ll have improved your understanding of SEO best practices and will be able to provide your clients with a new set of SEO-related linguistic services. You can also apply this newly gained skill to your own strategy for marketing yourself as a freelance translator.

Course Outline

  • SEO basics: what is it and how does it work?
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword localisation
  • Web content optimisation
  • SEO audit
  • Content creation
  • Meta tag localisation
  • SEA localisation
  • Tools and resources
  • Tips and tricks


4 hours (online presentation via Zoom with a 15 min. break) + a 30-minute optional one-on-one session

About the trainer

Teresa has a master’s degree in translation and over 15 years of experience in the localization industry. As founder and Lead Linguist at TAGS Language Solutions, she is passionate about helping lifestyle and B2C brands reach the Portuguese market. She provides website and app localisation, transcreation, copywriting, and SEO translation services. A digital marketing aficionada, over the last five years she’s enjoyed investing in training and research on all things SEO and striving to keep up with the latest trends. She’s applied this knowledge to her own business with excellent results, including appearing on the first page of Google for several targeted search terms.


  • CBTI-BKVT members: €120 (special introductory price, in exchange for taking part in a survey with feedback and providing a testimonial)
  • Non-members: €135 (in exchange for taking part in a survey with feedback and providing a testimonial)


  • Access to the recorded presentation for seven days
  • SEO checklists and a glossary of SEO-related terms
  • Practical exercises to be completed in your own time
  • One 30-minute one-on-one online session to go over the practical exercises or brainstorm on how to apply your new skill to your translation business


10 maximum


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