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Translating Europe Forum: The BCTI was there for you

  • Catégorie: Activities
  • Date de publication: 2 November 2015

The Translating Europe Forum, held at the European Commission in Brussels on 29 and 30 October this year, targeted young people who are looking for a profession in translation or interpreting. The large turnout, with a sizeable contingent of young people, shows that our professions are still attractive.

You can watch the streamed version of the presentations, which dealt with the markets, selling yourself, training, certification, etc., at

Make sure you don’t miss Doris Grollmann’s noteworthy remarks at 53’47” where she talks about the Chamber’s position on Transcert certification.

Meanwhile Max De Brouwer (BCTI) manned the busy FIT Europa stand which was promoting, with the use of a new brochure, the affiliated professional associations in various countries across Europe.