Administrators and staff members

Board of Directors

Honorary President

Jean-Bernard Quicheron


Guillaume Deneufbourg
Tel.: +32-475-65 74 96

Vice-president (NL)

Agnès Feltkamp
Contact with FVB, High Council for the Self-employed and SMEs, Commercial practices
Tel.: +32-2-331 34 89

Vice-president (FR)

Max De Brouwer
Admissions committee, FIT Europe
Tel.: +32-2-245 00 49


Laurence Nys
Tel.: +32-496-86 31 70

Secretary General

Patrick Rondou
Person in charge of daily management, Bremer Runde
Tel.: +32-16-20 72 93 / +32-475 81 34 02


Sébastien Devogele
Interpreters, Training, Communications (NL)
Tel.: +32-472-76 54 55

Camille Collard
Contact with educational institutions, Surveys, Communications (FR)
Tel.: +32-495-67 88 51

Isabelle Collard
Insurance, Sworn translators/interpreters, In-house prevention adviser
Tel.: +32-475-61 75 35

Cyrille Ndjitat Tatchou
Editor-in-Chief of The Linguist
Tel.: +32-488-09 86 79

Helena Vansynghel
Lifelong training, the future of the profession

Assisting the Board


Valérie Yernault
Tel.: +32-2-513 09 15

Internal Communication (Workplace)

Herman Boel (NL) & Nicolas Lefèvre (FR)

De Taalkundige / Le Linguiste

Cyrille Ndjitat Tatchou
Tel.: +32-488-09 86 79

Translators' pool

Eva Wiertz

Commercial practices

Agnès Feltkamp

Annual Report

Anne-Sophie Staquet

Literary translators

Guillaume Deneufbourg
Tel.: +32-475-65.74.96

French-German network

Silvia Brügelmann
Tel./fax: +32-4-388 20 89

French-English network

Francis Auquier

French-Spanish network

Patricia Alarcon
Tel./fax: +32-4-278 40 13


Céline Maes
Tel.: +32-497-72 65 30

Sworn translators/interpreters, EULITA

Bart Mylemans
Tel.: +32-3-541 39 82

Internal bodies

Admission of new members

Max De Brouwer
Tel.: +32-02-245 00 49

Disciplinary Council

Gaby Leyden

Ludovic Pierard

Céline Maes

Guillaume Deneufbourg

Patrick Rondou

Auditing committee

Céline Maes

Laurence Englebert

Muriel Mattiussi-Kirchhof

Sector Committee Heads of Translation/Language Dpt.

Marleen Vanistendael

Ingrid Joosens

Contact with other associations/institutions

High Council for the Self-employed and SMEs

Agnès Feltkamp
Ludovic Pierard

FIT Europe

Max De Brouwer


Agnès Feltkamp
Els Govaerts


Ludovic Pierard
Guillaume Deneufbourg

Honorary members

Hugo Marquant
Jean Klein
Marie-Louise Bouchoms
Guy van de Maele
Christine Pagnoulle