The French Network

In 2006, the CBTI concluded an agreement with the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI, United Kingdom), an association numbering over 3,000 members.

A few years ago, the members of the ITI launched a French Network. It represents practising translators and interpreters working from or into French and is one of the 12 language networks of the ITI.

The French Network consists of members of the ITI, most of whom live in the UK and translate from French into their native English, with the remaining translating into their native French, members of the Société française des traducteurs and eligible members of the CBTI/BKVT. The range of subject matter covered by the members of the French Network is extremely varied, with some members belonging to specialist translation groups, as well as to other language networks. Membership of the Network brings many advantages such as contacts with colleagues and access to plenty of support and information.

The Network has a lively electronic message board where members can leave questions and get help. At intervals throughout the year, a Newsletter is published (to which all members are welcome to contribute) and various social or educative events, seminars, symposiums and workshops are arranged, all invaluable opportunities to gain new skills and to network with fellow professionals. Members also have first-hand information about the events organised by the SFT and ITI.

The electronic forum, the FrenchNet is a Yahoo! group with a small membership fee. It gives access to a network of colleagues and, like the FastInfo, the FrenchNet receives the equivalent of our “Status Inquiries” and provides direct information about experiences with good or bad potential clients.


The members of the CBTI who wish to join this network must undertake to comply with the rules of membership and particularly the principle of the native language as the only target language for translation. For administrative reasons, it is only possible to register once a year. For any inquiries, please contact