The French Network

Over the past several years, the CBTI has been developing its contacts with the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI), the British association of professional translators and interpreters (

In order to further relationships and discussions between those of its members for whom French numbers as one of their working languages and their francophone colleagues working with English (or anglophones in francophone countries), the ITI has created an electronic discussion forum named This forum enables the CBTI members working with English and French to talk with their colleagues from across the Channel alongside the members of our French sister association, the SFT.

The electronic forum envisaged by the CBTI-ITI partnership falls under the activities of the French Network, but is distinct from it. The forum’s members can enjoy the advantages of the network’s members, particularly as regards training. Membership of the French Network itself is nonetheless reserved for members of the ITI.

The forum is extremely active and its discussions are impassioned. It provides the CBTI’s English-French and French-English translators with the opportunity to benefit from direct contact with their British colleagues and to help the other members of the forum benefit from their experience, their passion for languages and their dynamism as CBTI translators.

The new member drives are held annually (the month of May) and are subject to the payment of a small fee.


If you would like to join this international bilingual network, and to find out about the conditions of participation, please contact

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