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Annual conference of the Belgian Association of Anglicists in Higher Education (BAAHE)

  • Date: 28 novembre 2014 09:45
  • Lieu: University of Antwerp - Department of Applied Linguistics, Translation and Interpreting - Schildersstraat 41 - 2000 Antwerp
  • Contact:
  • Catégorie: Conférences, Activités de tiers

Dear colleagues and friends,

With this e-mail, the University of Antwerp would like to invite you to register for this year’s annual conference of the Belgian Association of Anglicists in Higher Education (BAAHE). BAAHE 2014 will be organised and hosted by the University of Antwerp on Friday, 28 November 2014, at the Department of Applied Linguistics, Translation and Interpreting.

The topic of this year’s conference is Digital Trends in (Applied) Linguistics, Literature and Translation Studies and the conference theme can be summarised as follows:

Like many researchers in the humanities at large, scholars focused on the study of English in the fields of (applied) linguistics, literature and translation studies are now making full use of digital applications and tools to carry out their research. This is evidenced in the multitude of instruments and approaches being adopted. What many of the scholars in the four fields above have in common is that they do not simply use digital tools as instruments for research purposes. They are also becoming increasingly involved in the development of such tools, with a view to ensuring optimal alignment between their own fields of study and the digital sphere, and to facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration.

For information about the one-day conference, please go to

On the general website (see URL above), you will also find links and important information related to the following four items:

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  2. venue
  3. keynote speaker
  4. programme

We look forward to seeing you on Friday, 28 November 2014 for an exciting day of presentations, discussions and networking!

Kind regards,
The organising committee of BAAHE 2014

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