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Membership types

Student member

2nd year Master or post-graduate students (free)
Free after approval of your supporting documents and application file.

Associate member

All professionals in the field
€30 file processing fee and then €100 per year.

Full member

Experienced professionals with degrees in the field
€30 file processing fee and then €200 per year.

Student and associate member benefits

  • Creation of an email address at
  • Member price for continuing education and training provided by the Chamber
  • Member price for vocational training provided by the 72 national organisations in FIT
  • Member prices at events organised by the CBTI/BKVT or FIT associations
  • Price discounts from our partners
  • Access to the communication platform
  • Access to the peer support service.
  • Access to the social and linguistic networks of the CBTI/BKVT
  • Right to participate in and be elected to positions on the sectoral commissions
  • Access to the library and documents reserved for members.
  • Right to participate in the AGM.
  • Access to the Disciplinary Board in the event of a dispute between members.

Full member benefits

All the benefits of associate members, plus:

  • Right to vote at the AGM.
  • Right to apply for the position of administrator.
  • Access to the Arbitration Board in the event of a dispute with a client.
  • Access to the Job Offers page in the electronic marketplace.
  • Right to inclusion in the public directory.
  • Right to take out business insurance at the group rate.
  • Free access to the 1st line legal assistance.