Associate members

If you don’t meet the conditions set for full membership status, or if you are a student, teacher, employee, civil servant, pensioner, etc., you can still join as an associate member.

Article 4 of the Bylaws of the BCTI allows the following to be eligible to become an associate member:

  1. Interns: people who intend to exercise the profession of translator or interpreter on a professional basis but do not yet satisfy the criteria of Article 3, such as students, beginners, and part-time employees. As soon as the intern satisfies the conditions of Article 3, he or she can apply to become a full member with the procedure described in Article 3.
  2. Employees: people with an employment contract as translator or interpreter.
  3. Related professions: All other professions from the applied linguistics sector. The Board of Directors can request them to associate themselves ?? in the form of a permanent sector commission established by the Board of Directors (cf. Art. 29 § 2 of the Bylaws). The internal operational rules and the conditions for membership are established by the Board of Directors in consultation with the commission involved. The commission shall appoint a representative who shall participate as expert on the Board of Directors when an item on the agenda concerns the commission involved.
  4. Seniors: all retired persons after a career as translator or interpreter or in a related profession who have ceased their activities, no longer have an active VAT number, or a contract of employment with the same objective.

Associate members have no voting rights in the General Meeting and may not become a member of the Board of Directors. They receive the information and the publications of the Association and have access to that portion of the website that is reserved for the members. They may participate in the General Meeting with an advisory vote.