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[EN] MemoQ Starter webinar

  • Date: 20 octobre 2022 09:30 - 20 octobre 2022 11:00
  • Lieu: Zoom-webinar
  • Contact: Valérie Yernault -
  • Catégorie: Formations

MemoQ webinar for freelance translators – starter webinar

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to unlock your maximum potential by using memoQ translator pro’s functionality.

Let us show you some tips and tricks to help you do your best work as a beginner memoQ user.

Content of this webinar:*

MemoQ translator pro – an all-in-one solution

  • Translation memory (segments)
    • Segmentation
    • Context, exact, good and fuzzy matches
  • Document-based translation memory (LiveDocs)
    • Bilingual documents
    • Alignment
  • Terminology management
    • Term bases
    • Term extraction
  • Translation editor with productivity tools
    • Multiple file formats
    • Pre-translation with fragment matching and MT
    • AutoPick
    • Populate number-only segments
    • Interactive HTML preview
    • Views with documents “glued” together
    • Automated Quality Assurance (QA)
    • Regex Assistant

Working on your own and working on an online project (good practices)

  • I have a document to translate
    • How to start and import documents
    • How to work with a translation memory
    • How to work with LiveDocs
    • How to work with a term base
    • How to run QA
    • Review tools
    • How to export
  • I was assigned a document on the server
    • How to connect to the server
    • How to check out a project
    • How to add my own resources
    • How to deliver
  • I received a memoQ package

Practical information

Online webinar via Zoom.
Participants will receive a Zoom link a few days before the webinar.

Inscription & payment

* In February 2023, a MemoQ training session for advanced users will be organized. We’ll keep you posted!