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Joachim Lépine 23 tools

[EN] The 23 Most Underutilized Translation Assistance Tools of 2023

  • Date: 11 janvier 2024 14:00 - 11 janvier 2024 16:00
  • Lieu: Webinar
  • Contact: Valérie Yernault -
  • Catégorie: Formations

In the vast landscape of translation tools available in 2023, several unsung heroes continue to be frequently overlooked.

In this workshop, we will examine 23 of them, complete with live demos!

By the end of the course, you will have a complete list of tools (most of which are free) that will save you time and frustration every day.


  • Pre-translation: word counts, PDF processing, text formatting, project analysis, and glossary creation.
  • Translation: One-click searches, bilingual websites, sentence recasts, and super-powerful AI engines.
  • Post-translation: QA checkers, proofreading aids, and more.


Members: €50
Non-members: €70


Registration by e-mail to 
Payment to CBTI-BKVT account number BE32 3100 4638 6702.