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How Can Intellectual Property Legislation Benefit Translators?

How Can Intellectual Property Legislation Benefit Translators?

With the support of the European Commission, FIT Europe, the Regional Centre of the International Federation of Translators will be organizing a conference on Intellectual Property in The Hague, Netherlands, on November 23rd 2018. This event will be hosted by the three Benelux Translators’ Associations: NGTV (NL), CBTI-BKVT (BE) & ALTI (LU). Registration is free but mandatory ( See programme below.


9.00-9.30 Welcome address - Hugo Keizer (EU), Kevin Quirk (FIT), Annette Schiller (FIT Europe)

9.30-10.15 Keynote: Intellectual Property – A Challenge for Translators - Heiki Pisuke (translator - Eur. Comm.)

10.15-10.45 Main legal issues for translators - Ines Duhanic (lawyer)

10.45-11.15 Dutch copyright law for translators - Evert van Gelderen (lawyer)

11.15-11.45 COFFEE BREAK

11.45-12.15 The Ownership of Translations - An Perspective from the UK - James Ware (lawyer)

12.30-13.45 LUNCH

13.45-14.15 The use of machine translation in patent discovery - Laura Rossi (translation technology expert)

14.15-14.45 EU Copyright Directive and its significance for translators - Morten Visby (President of CEATL)

14.45-15.15 COFFEE BREAK

15.15-15.45 How collecting societies benefit translators - George Zannos (IP expert)

15.45-16.15 Collective Management of Audiovisual Rights - Elin Urkedal (IP expert)

16.30-17.00 Wrap up

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