Directory of translators and interpreters

Thomas Seeliger

Translator (sworn) from Göhren-Lebbin, Deutschland

Teresa Abdala De Suttill

Interpreter from Weybridge (Greater London), United Kingdom

Jean-Michel De Vos

Translator from Frasnes-lez-Buissenal, Belgique

Joop Debrabandere

Translator from Brugge, België
Vertaler sinds 1994. Specialiteit: technische handleidingen Duits-Nederlands.

Susan Mahmody

Translator from Grobbendonk, België
translation & transcreation marketing, e-commerce and website ♚ I help your brand get the visibility it deserves on the German market ♚ extra: localisation to Austrian-German

Cornelia Van Bouwel

Translator (sworn) & Interpreter from Antwerpen, België

Ewa Piatkowska

Translator from Casteau, Belgique

Daniel Frett

Translator from Leuven-Wijgmaal, België

Sophie Lozet

Translator from Auderghem, Belgique
Trained and passionate translator from Dutch, English and Italian into French. Specialised in energy, health and safety at work, marketing and communication, human resources, safety data sheets, SEO, ...

Cassandra Limbourg

Translator from Flémalle, Belgique

Veerle Pattyn

Translator (sworn) & Interpreter from Meigem, België
Conference interpreter - Certified translator NL / FR / EN since 2003. Specialized in technical, administrative and legal topics. RSI experience.

Laura-Pascale Fontaine de Ghélin

Translator from Falisolle, Belgique

Andrew Beavis

Translator (sworn) from Anzegem, BE

Pauline Mercier

Interpreter from Liège, Belgique

Anton Klevansky

Interpreter from Gent, België

Isabelle Hoferlin

Translator & Interpreter from Genval, Belgique
With postgraduate studies in development sciences, international labour law and international relations, I offer remote or in-person, simultaneous or consecutive interpretation services (English/Spanish↔French)