Directory of translators and interpreters

Yves Maenaut

Interpreter from Bruxelles, Belgique

Ingrid Delrue

Translator from Kortrijk, België

Cassandra Limbourg

Translator from Flémalle, Belgique

Jean-François Maghe

Translator (sworn) from Tertre, Belgique

Carmela Pasquale

Translator from Châtelet, Belgique

Bert Rohaert

Translator & Interpreter from Sint-Truiden, België

Laura Macilwaine

Translator from Bruxelles, Belgique

Nicky Wijns

Translator from Wilrijk, België
- Antwerp-based translator and language trainer - Specialized in creative, editorial and marketing texts - Favorite topics: cosmetics, lifestyle, retail and education - Punctual, fast and reliable

Marianne Cuvelliez

Translator from Bruxelles, Belgique

Sandra Drechsel

Translator from Bruxelles, Belgique

Alexandre Stoppele

Translator from Ixelles, Belgique

Jacques Minette

Translator from Spa, Belgique

Delphine Rossini

Translator from Sherbrooke, Canada

Emilie Heneaux

Translator from Ferrières, Belgique

Joop Debrabandere

Translator from Brugge, België
Vertaler sinds 1994. Specialiteit: technische handleidingen Duits-Nederlands.

Kristien Elpers

Translator & Interpreter from Roosdaal, België