Arbitration Council

How does the arbitration council work?

Members of the arbitration council

  • The president of the CBTI/BKVT
  • The secretary-general of the CBTI/BKVT
  • Three members of the CBTI/BKVT, with relevant language combination, selected at random


  • A complaint is filed by the party or parties using the appropriate documents.
  • The other party is informed and his or her version of the facts are requested.
  • The original texts and translations (with names removed) are forwarded to the two members.
  • The three members formulate their assessments.
  • All the members of the arbitration committee meet to reach a conclusion that they can all accept.
  • The evaluation and any opinions are sent to each of the parties.

How do you file a complaint?

Forward all the necessary documentation to

CBTI/BKVT President
Rue Montoyerstraat 24, b12
B-1000 Brussels

or email the documentation to

What documents?

  • The original text
  • The translation
  • All correspondence related to the project
  • A summary of the events and the situation