Vademecum for Freelancers

The vademecum is a collection of information for beginning and experienced translators and interpreters. The information, which is regularly updated, is very comprehensive, ranging from the training and the establishment as a self-employed translator over various tools, information about invoicing and taxes, to questions concerning insurance, social security, and pensions. In short, a very useful reference work for every self-employed translator and interpreter.

A sample of the contents

  • Establishing oneself as a self-employed person
  • How do I find work?
  • What actually is a sworn translation?
  • The translator’s tools
  • How do I count the number of lines of a text in various file formats?
  • Setting the price for self-employed translators and interpreters
  • How do I prepare a bid?
  • How do I make an invoice?
  • What do I do when a client doesn’t pay?
  • A healthy working environment
  • Which insurance policies should I take out to protect myself?
  • The pension of the self-employed

The vademecum can be downloaded below (logging in is obligatory). It is reserved to members of the CBTI-BKVT.